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Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library: NOVEL Call for Submissions

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NOVEL always welcomes new submissions from educators, clinicians and researchers in the field. The NOVEL project is currently working on completing an Illustrated Curriculum, which is available to NANOS members on the NANOS web site. This project entails linking selected educational resources to each topic in the NANOS Curriculum Outline and the Examination Techniques Curriculum. We are specifically looking for materials covering topics where there are gaps in our knowledge base. Please see the list of gaps linked below for specific topics.

The author of the submission is responsible for obtaining permission from patients when PHI is present. The author of the submission is responsible for retaining proof of permission for any publication in NOVEL. Authors retain copyrights to their submissions. NOVEL retains rights to publish and disseminate the accepted submissions.

All submissions to NOVEL will be peer-reviewed by the NOVEL Editorial Board. If your submission is accepted for publication in the NOVEL library, you will receive a formal acceptance letter, signed by the Chair of the Editorial Board, with a sample citation for your submission. This citation can be copied and added to your CV as a peer-reviewed online educational publication.

Also, remember that NOVEL will accept any great cases, images or videos, as long as they are well described, even if they are not on the list of curriculum gaps. We are seeking to develop a cycle of continuous improvement in our materials.

Submit to NOVEL

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