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2021 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 1

NANOS Annual Meeting #47, 2021
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Date: 2021-02-20

Day 1: Saturday, February 20th, 2021 (2021-02-20)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 1  back to top
Moderators: Yaping Joyce Liao

Presentation 1: A 4-Year Wait
Presenters: Dmitry Balian
Authors: Dmitry Balian; Sachin S. Kedar; Michaelyn A. Everhart; Aleh Bobr; Lyudmila M. Muinov

Presentation 2: Never Too Young or Too Old
Presenters: Bart K. Chwalisz
Authors: Bart K. Chwalisz; Laurel T. Tainsh; Mary D. Maher; Samantha N. Champion; Stephen T. Nishiyama; Michael Levy

Presentation 3: 'X' Marks the Spot
Presenters: Luis AL Ferman
Authors: Luis AL Ferman; Leslie A. Bruch; John M. Buatti; Jeremy D. Greenlee

Presentation 4: Sometimes a Biopsy is Best
Presenters: Kevin D. Chodnicki
Authors: Kevin D. Chodnicki; Natalie Wolkow; Michael K. Yoon; Bart K. Chwalisz

Presentation 5: Frizzle Frazzled
Presenters: Eric D. Gaier
Authors: Eric D. Gaier; Farrah Rajabi; Anne B. Fulton; Gyula Acsadi; David M. Waitzman