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2011 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 4

NANOS Annual Meeting #37, 2011
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date: 2011-02-06

Day 1: Sunday, February 6 (2011-02-06)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 4  back to top
Moderators: Paul H. Phillips; Julie M. Falardeau

Presentation 1: Tics and Fleas
Presenters: Nancy J. Newman
Authors: Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse; Daniel J. Brat

Presentation 2: Some Hairy Gossyp
Presenters: Ivey L. Thornton
Authors: Ivey L. Thornton; Dean M. Cestari; Simmons Lessell; Joseph F. Rizzo III

Presentation 3: Non-Functional Sinus Disease
Presenters: Julie Shelton
Authors: Julie Shelton; Judith EA Warner; Brian J. Hall; H. Holly Zhou; Kathleen B. Digre; Richard S. Boyer

Presentation 4: Twice Bitten, Once Shy
Presenters: Robert K. Shin
Authors: Robert K. Shin; Rudolph J. Castellani; Robert E. Morales; Stephen G. Reich

Presentation 5: A Runny Nose
Presenters: Steven A. Newman
Authors: Steven A. Newman; T. David Bourne; Prashant Raghavan