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2009 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 1; 2) Frank B. Walsh Session 2; 3) Frank B. Walsh Session 3; 4) Frank B. Walsh Session 4

NANOS Annual Meeting #35, 2009
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, United States of America
Date: 2009-02-22

Day 1: Sunday, February 22 (2009-02-22)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 1  back to top
Moderators: Thomas N. Hwang; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 1: Progressive Visual Loss in a Man with Leukemia
Presenters: Michael S. Lee
Authors: Michael S. Lee; Karen S. SantaCruz; Jeffrey R. Brace; Alexander M. McKinney IV

Presentation 2: A Smooth Delivery?
Presenters: Louise A. Mawn
Authors: Louise A. Mawn

Presentation 3: VZ or not VZ = That is the Question
Presenters: Katie Luneau
Authors: Katie Luneau; Nancy J. Newman; Beau B. Bruce; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 4: A Geriatric-Looking Young Boy
Presenters: Shao-Bo Lei
Authors: Shao-Bo Lei; Agnes MF Wong

Presentation 5: Recurrent Uveitis and a Homonymous Visual Field Defect with Ring-Enhancing MRI Lesion: It's All Negative
Presenters: Elena A. Sokolova
Authors: Elena A. Sokolova; John E. Carter; Carlos N. Bazan III; James M. Henry; Michelle Harris

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 2  back to top
Moderators: Neil R. Miller; Andrew G. Lee

Presentation 1: A Rare Image
Presenters: Dean M. Cestari
Authors: Rebecca C. Stacy; Joseph F. Rizzo III; Frederick A. Jakobiec; Dean M. Cestari

Presentation 2: Fulminant Course with Four D's - Diplopia, Dysarthria, Dysphagia, and Death
Presenters: Sarkis M. Nazarian
Authors: Sarkis M. Nazarian; Anissa Hodges; Mohammad Daaif; Wei Tang; Swetangi D. Bhaleeya; Muhammad M. Husain

Presentation 3: Cerebroretinal Microangiopathy with Calcification and Cysts in a Young Man -- a Recently Described Syndrome
Presenters: Pari N. Shams
Authors: Pari N. Shams; Ata Siddiqui; Lisa A. Scoppetuolo; Dominic C. Paviour; Moin D. Mohamed; Gordon T. Plant

Presentation 4: The Vulnerable Visual Field
Presenters: Sophia M. Chung
Authors: Sophia M. Chung

Presentation 5: The Case of a Vanishing Mass!!
Presenters: Sachin S. Kedar
Authors: Sachin S. Kedar; Jonathan Fratkin; Ching-Jygh Chen; James J. Corbett

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 3  back to top
Moderators: Jonathan C. Horton; William F. Hoyt

Presentation 1: 54 Year-Old Man with Amaurosis Fugax and Cotton Wool Spots
Presenters: Flora Levin
Authors: Flora Levin; John C. Merriam; Hermann D. Schubert; Ralph S. Blume; Jeffrey G. Odel

Presentation 2: Hot City Hot Nerve
Presenters: Byron L. Lam
Authors: Byron L. Lam; Sander R. Dubovy; Joshua Pasol

Presentation 3: Of All the Nerve...
Presenters: Ahmed Shatila
Authors: Ahmed Shatila; Gregory P. Van Stavern; Maria Kirzhner; Evan H. Black

Presentation 4: A Shot of Adrenaline
Presenters: Mays A. El-Dairi
Authors: Mays A. El-Dairi; M. Tariq Bhatti

Presentation 5: A Great Mimicker
Presenters: Adam J. Cohen
Authors: Adam J. Cohen; Joseph F. Rizzo III; Misha L. Pless

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 4  back to top
Moderators: Yaping Joyce Liao; Nicholas J. Volpe

Presentation 1: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Presenters: Steven A. Newman
Authors: Steven A. Newman; Eric D. Weber

Presentation 2: Hear No Evil, See No Evil
Presenters: Sashank Prasad
Authors: Sashank Prasad; Brian C. Callaghan; Steven L. Galetta

Presentation 3: It AIONT AION
Presenters: Norah S. Lincoff
Authors: Norah S. Lincoff; Tamera A. Paczos; Lucia L. Balos; Marianne B. Murphy

Presentation 4: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go
Presenters: Melissa Wang-Ko
Authors: Melissa Wang-Ko; Peter Turkeltaub; Edward B. Lee; Nicholas Gonatas; Nicholas J. Volpe; Mark L. Moster; Steven L. Galetta