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2008 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 1

NANOS Annual Meeting #34, 2008
Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida, United States of America
Date: 2008-03-09

Day 1: Sunday, March 9 (2008-03-09)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 1  back to top
Moderators: Lynn K. Gordon; Peter A. Quiros

Presentation 1: "Oh, You Have Metastatic Cancer"
Presenters: Elena A. Sokolova
Authors: Elena A. Sokolova

Presentation 2: A Bad Case of Sinusitis?
Presenters: Alex Fraser
Authors: Alex Fraser

Presentation 3: Don't Ignore the Obvious
Presenters: Zina E. Almer
Authors: Zina E. Almer

Presentation 4: WHAT?!?
Presenters: Beau B. Bruce
Authors: Beau B. Bruce; Mahtab Tehrani; Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 5: "It's Just A Rash"
Presenters: Timothy J. McCulley
Authors: Timothy J. McCulley; Thomas N. Hwang