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2007 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 2

NANOS Annual Meeting #33, 2007
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah, United States of America
Date: 2007-02-11

Day 1: Sunday, February 11 (2007-02-11)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 2  back to top
Moderators: Andrew G. Lee; Fiona Costello

Presentation 1: Painful Red Eye in a 69 Year Old Female with Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Presenters: Michael Engelbert
Authors: Michael Engelbert; Sara Akbari; Renata Joffe; Yakov Fellig; Spiros Manolidis; Jeffrey G. Odel

Presentation 2: Do You See Mike?
Presenters: Deborah I. Friedman
Authors: Deborah I. Friedman; Raymond Felgar

Presentation 3: An "Obscure" Diagnosis
Presenters: Kalliopi Stasi
Authors: Kalliopi Stasi; Narsing A. Rao; Steven E. Feldon; David A. DiLoreto Jr

Presentation 4: Back to the Doctor
Presenters: Benjamin J. Osborne
Authors: Benjamin J. Osborne; Melissa Wang-Ko; Sung Min Jung; Steven L. Galetta

Presentation 5: Isolated Third Nerve Palsy Caused by Intracranial Spread of Idiopathic Orbital Inflammation?
Presenters: Celia Chen
Authors: Celia Chen; Neil R. Miller; Andrew P. Lane; Charles G. Eberhart