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2005 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 4

NANOS Annual Meeting #31, 2005
Copper Conference Center, Copper Mountain, Colorado, United States of America
Date: 2005-02-13

Day 1: Sunday, February 13 (2005-02-13)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 4  back to top
Moderators: Steven L. Galetta; Kenneth S. Shindler

Presentation 1: MacKenzie's Legacy
Presenters: Elena R. Drudy
Authors: Elena R. Drudy; Steven A. Newman; Edward R. Laws Jr; Maria-Beatriz S. Lopes

Presentation 2: When All Else Fails, Lay on Hands
Presenters: Roger E. Turbin
Authors: Roger E. Turbin; Larry P. Frohman; Jeffrey J. Farkas; Neena M. Mirani; Salvador A. Cuadra; Frank T. Padberg

Presentation 3: not available for Web publication
Presenters: not available
Authors: not available

Presentation 4: A 19-Year-Old Man With Dizziness and Blackout Spells
Presenters: Neil R. Miller
Authors: Neil R. Miller; Jaishri O. Blakeley

Presentation 5: An Obvious Case of Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Kevin M. Barrett
Authors: Kevin M. Barrett; Paul W. Brazis; Andy N. Abril; David A. Kostick; David M. Menke