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2002 programs: 1) Frank B. Walsh Session 4

NANOS Annual Meeting #28, 2002
Copper Mountain Resort, Copper Mountain, Colorado, United States of America
Date: 2002-02-10

Day 1: Sunday, February 10 (2002-02-10)

Program: Frank B. Walsh Session 4  back to top
Moderators: William F. Hoyt; Joel S. Glaser

Presentation 1: A Man with the Worst Smelling Cologne
Presenters: Norah S. Lincoff
Authors: Norah S. Lincoff; Lucia L. Balos

Presentation 2: Lightning Strikes Twice
Presenters: Judith EA Warner
Authors: Judith EA Warner; Kathleen B. Digre; Bradley J. Katz; Jeannette J. Townsend

Presentation 3: Temporal Associations
Presenters: Louise A. Mawn
Authors: Louise A. Mawn; Stefanie N. Knapp; Jing Zhang

Presentation 4: A Twisted Tale
Presenters: Guy V. Jirawuthiworavong
Authors: Guy V. Jirawuthiworavong; Yanina Kostina-O'Neil; Robert L. Lesser

Presentation 5: Like Son, Like Father
Presenters: Karl C. Golnik
Authors: Karl C. Golnik; Brenda K. Helsinger; Haytham H. Dimashkieh; Gabrielle M. de Courten-Myers