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2021 programs: 1) Scientific Platform Session 2

NANOS Annual Meeting #47, 2021
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Date: 2021-02-22

Day 3: Monday, February 22, 2021 (2021-02-22)

Program: Scientific Platform Session 2  back to top
Moderators: Susan P. Mollan; Kenneth S. Shindler

Presentation 1: Efficacy of Visual Retraining in Hemianopic Fields After Stroke: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial
Presenters: Matthew R. Cavanaugh
Authors: Matthew R. Cavanaugh; Lisa M. Blanchard; Michael P. McDermott; Byron L. Lam; Madhura A. Tamhankar; Steven E. Feldon

Presentation 2: Ectopic Melanopsin for Visual Restoration: Compressed Cell-Specific Promotors - a Translatable Delivery Mechanism
Presenters: Michael J. Gilhooley
Authors: Michael J. Gilhooley; Moritz Lindner; Steven Hughes; Mark W. Hankins

Presentation 3: Assessment of rAAV2/2-ND4 Gene Therapy Efficacy in LHON Using an External Control Group
Presenters: Nancy J. Newman
Authors: Nancy J. Newman; Patrick Yu-Wai-Man; Valerio Carelli; Mark L. Moster; Catherine Vignal-Clermont; Alfredo A. Sadun; Chiara La Morgia; Francesco M. Bandello; Lorena Castillo Campillo; Stephanie Leruez; Dean M. Cestari; Rod Foroozan; Rustum S. Karanjia; Laure Blouin; Michel Roux; Magali Taiel; Jose-Alain Sahel

Presentation 4: Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy in Women
Presenters: Giulia Amore
Authors: Giulia Amore; Martina Romagnoli; Chiara La Morgia; Michele Carbonelli; Francesca Allegrini; Rustum S. Karanjia; Alfredo A. Sadun; Valerio Carelli

Presentation 5: Patient Harm from Diagnostic Error of Neuro-Ophthalmologic Conditions
Presenters: Leanne D. Stunkel
Authors: Leanne D. Stunkel; Rahul A. Sharma; Devin D. Mackay; Bradley S. Wilson; Gregory P. Van Stavern; Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 6: Significance of Incidental Imaging Signs of Intracranial Hypertension with Corresponding Fundus Photography: A Prospective Study
Presenters: Benjamin I. Meyer
Authors: Benjamin I. Meyer; Benson S. Chen; Amit M. Saindane; Beau B. Bruce; Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 7: Masked Analysis of the Clinical Utility of Commercially Available Antiretinal and Anti-Optic Nerve Antibody Testing
Presenters: John Jing-Wei Chen
Authors: John Jing-Wei Chen; Andrew B. McKeon; Tammy M. Greenwood; Eoin P. Flanagan; M. Tariq Bhatti; Divyanshu Dubey; Jose S. Pulido; Raymond Iezzi Jr; Wendy M. Smith; H. Nida Sen; Lynn K. Gordon; Sean J. Pittock