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2015 programs: 1) Poster Presentations

NANOS Annual Meeting #41, 2015
Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California, United States of America
Date: 2015-02-24

Day 3: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 (2015-02-24)

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Moderators: not available

Presentation 1: Normal Tension Glaucoma (NTG): Is It a Type of Glaucoma or an Entity of a Compressive Optic Neuropathy (CON)?
Presenters: Mohammed Areesh
Authors: Mohammed Areesh; Seyed M. Mirhosseini; Elahe Rajaei

Presentation 2: Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Due To Biopsy-Proven Giant Cell Arteritis In Thai Patients
Presenters: Taweevat Attaseth
Authors: Taweevat Attaseth; Kavin Vanikieti; Anuchit Poonyathalang; Pisit Preechawat; Panitha Jindahra; Duangkamon Wattanatranon

Presentation 3: Visual Outcomes Following Perioperative Vision Loss
Presenters: Jasmina Bajric
Authors: Jasmina Bajric; Mohamed Hassan; Maria D. Garcia; Mark A. Warner; Elizabeth A. Bradley

Presentation 4: Pituitary Apoplexy in Pregnancy
Presenters: Matthew J. Benage
Authors: Matthew J. Benage; Erica E. Ballard; Theodore E. Wills

Presentation 5: Bilateral, Sequential Anterior then Posterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy in a Young Migraineur
Presenters: Damian E. Berezovsky
Authors: Damian E. Berezovsky; Timothy W. Winter

Presentation 6: Traumatic Optic Neuropathy. Our Experience.
Presenters: Mariana de Virgiliis
Authors: Mariana de Virgiliis; Pablo I. Perez-Vega; Maria L. Braccia-Gancedo; Haydee S. Martinez; Luciana L. Iacono; Mirta S. Arana; Macarena Clementi

Presentation 7: Sensitivity of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Acute Demyelinating Optic Neuritis
Presenters: Lulu LCD Bursztyn
Authors: Lulu LCD Bursztyn; Lindsey B. de Lott; Wayne T. Cornblath

Presentation 8: Characterization of Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Patients Treated with Idebenone
Presenters: Jasdeep S. Chahal
Authors: Jasdeep S. Chahal; Michael J. Ammar; Rustum S. Karanjia; Alfredo A. Sadun

Presentation 9: Gliosarcoma of the Optic Nerves 15 Years after Radiation Treatment for Hypophyseal Adenoma
Presenters: Ayse I. Colpak
Authors: Ayse I. Colpak; H. Kamil Oge; H. Kader Karli-Oguz; A. Ilkay Isikay; Figen Soylemezoglu; Tulay A. Kansu

Presentation 10: Optic Nerve Compression by an Anomalous Internal Carotid Artery
Presenters: Valerie I. Elmalem
Authors: Valerie I. Elmalem; Michael A. Dattilo

Presentation 11: Identifying Risk Factors for the Development of Radiation Optic Neuropathy at "Safe" Doses: a Review of Cases Seen 1994 - 2014
Presenters: Pavle Doroslovacki
Authors: Pavle Doroslovacki; Grant T. Liu; Madhura A. Tamhankar; Kenneth S. Shindler; Michelle Alonso-Basanta

Presentation 12: Optic Neuritis After Refractive Surgery: Causal or Coincidence?
Presenters: Shlomo A. Dotan
Authors: Shlomo A. Dotan; Gala Beykin; Denise Wajnsztajn; Joseph Frucht-Pery

Presentation 13: Long Term Treatment of Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy With Idebenone
Presenters: Jennifer I. Doyle
Authors: Jennifer I. Doyle; Brendan D. Grondines; Michael S. Vaphiades

Presentation 14: Macular Star Formation in Diabetic Patients with Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NA-AION)
Presenters: Alberto Galvez-Ruiz
Authors: Alberto Galvez-Ruiz; Oriol Franch

Presentation 15: Seasonal Influence on the Incidence of Biopsy-Proven Giant Cell Arteritis: the University of California Davis Institutional Experience
Presenters: Kimberly K. Gokoffski
Authors: Kimberly K. Gokoffski; S. Khizer Khaderi

Presentation 16: Possible Revatio (Sildenafil) Induced Optic Neuropathy in Mice
Presenters: Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen
Authors: Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen; Mark Vieyra; Orkun Muhsinoglu; Shirel Weiss; David Zadok; James D. Nicholson

Presentation 17: Cyclosporine Induced Papilledema without Elevated Intracranial Pressure
Presenters: Poorav J. Patel
Authors: Poorav J. Patel; Sudha Mekala; Frederick T. Fraunfelder; William L. Hills

Presentation 18: Asymptomatic Leukemic Optic Nerve Infiltration as Presentation of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Relapse
Presenters: Florin Grigorian
Authors: Florin Grigorian; Ang Li; Adriana P. Grigorian

Presentation 19: Progressive Visual Loss: an Unusual Presenting Symptom In Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Parima Hirunwiwatkul
Authors: Parima Hirunwiwatkul; Supanut Apinyawasisuk

Presentation 20: Demyelinating Disorder with Optic Neuropathies in a Patient with Monoclonal Gammopathy: Case Report and Literature Review
Presenters: Whitney B. Hough
Authors: Whitney B. Hough; Matthew J. Khayata; Charles G. Maitland

Presentation 21: Retrospective Review of Ophthalmic and Systemic Associations of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
Presenters: Imran Jivraj
Authors: Imran Jivraj; James R. Lewis

Presentation 22: Optic Nerve Morphology as Marker for Disease Severity in Cerebral Palsy of Perinatal Origin
Presenters: Sachin S. Kedar
Authors: Sachin S. Kedar; Deepta A. Ghate; Vettaikorumakankav Vedanarayanan; James J. Corbett; Abdulbaset H. Kamour

Presentation 23: Clinical Characteristics of Optic Neuritis Associated with Viral Infection
Presenters: Sa Kang Kim
Authors: Sa Kang Kim; Seong-Joon Kim

Presentation 24: Methanol Causes Highly Selective Retinal Ganglion Cell Layer Loss and Inner Nuclear Layer Microcysts
Presenters: Kendra A. Klein
Authors: Kendra A. Klein; Thomas R. Hedges III; Carlos E. Mendoza-Santiesteban

Presentation 25: Parsing the Differences between LHON Affected: Genetic vs. Environmental Triggered Disease
Presenters: Valerio Carelli
Authors: Valerio Carelli; A. Pio D'Adamo; Maria L. Valentino; Chiara La Morgia; Fred N. Ross-Cisneros; Piero Barboni; Rustum S. Karanjia; Solange R. Salomao; Adriana Berezovsky; C. Filipe CC Chicani; Milton R. Moraes; Milton M. Filho; Rubens N. Belfort Jr; Alfredo A. Sadun

Presentation 26: Changes in Macular OCT Retinal Sublayers of Patients and Carriers in the Natural History Phase of the Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy G11778A Gene Therapy Clinical Trial
Presenters: Byron L. Lam
Authors: Byron L. Lam; Samuel P. Burke; Mindy X. Wang; Gloria A. Nadayil; Giovanni Gregori; William J. Feuer; Potyra R. Rosa; Sophia Cuprill-Nilson; Ruth Vandenbroucke; John R. Guy

Presentation 27: Low Grade Glioma of the Pituitary Stalk: Case Report with Review of the Literature
Presenters: Su Ann Lim
Authors: Su Ann Lim; Hwei Yee Lee; Wai Yung Yu; Wai Hoe Ng; Shaikh AKK Abdul Shakoor

Presentation 28: Visualisation of Nerve Fibre Orientation in the Human Optic Chiasm using Photomicrographic Image Analysis
Presenters: Neeranjali S. Jain
Authors: Neeranjali S. Jain; Swaranjali Jain; Xiaofei Wang; Andrew J. Neely; Murat Tahtali; Sanjiv Jain; Christian J. Lueck

Presentation 29: Optic Neuropathy in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Presenters: Amina I. Malik
Authors: Amina I. Malik; Michael L. Morgan; Patricia Chevez-Barrios; Andrew G. Lee; Sumayya J. Almarzouqi; Sushma C. Yalamanchili

Presentation 30: How is Eye Fixation Affected by Optic Neuropathy? Diagnostic Value of Precise Recording of Retina Movement during an OCT Scan
Presenters: Robert M. Mallery
Authors: Robert M. Mallery; Matthew J. Thurtell; Pieter Poolman; Jan M. Full; Johannes Ledolter; Enrique J. Rivera; Randy H. Kardon

Presentation 31: A Novel OPA1 Mutation in Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy
Presenters: Jordan A. Margo
Authors: Jordan A. Margo; Jana A. Bregman; Vivian N. Rismondo

Presentation 32: The Vegetative Aspects of Neuroprotective Action of High Corticosteroid Doses in Compressive Traumatic Optic Neuropathies (TON)
Presenters: Yulya T. Maslyak
Authors: Yulya T. Maslyak; Nataliya M. Moyseyenko; Halyna M. Leskiv

Presentation 33: Optic Atrophy in a Large Specialist Hospital
Presenters: Joyce N. Mbekeani
Authors: Joyce N. Mbekeani; Maaly A. Fattah; Abdelmoneim Eldali; Selwa A. Hazzaa

Presentation 34: Neurofibromatosis 1 with Large Suprasellar and Bilateral Optic Nerve Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma
Presenters: Joyce N. Mbekeani
Authors: Joyce N. Mbekeani; Mohammed A Dababo; Manzoor Ahmed

Presentation 35: Optic Neuropathy in Wolfram's Syndrome Imaged with High-Definition Spectral Domain OCT
Presenters: Dan Milea
Authors: Dan Milea; Mani Baskaran; Marion Verschoore; Stephanie Leruez; Xavier Zanlonghi; Christophe Orssaud; Pascal Reynier; Patrizia Amati-Bonneau; Dominique Bonneau; Christophe Verny; Regis Coutant; Tin Aung Tun; Vincent Procaccio

Presentation 36: Retinal Oximetry (Oxygen Saturation) and Peripapillary Vascular Diameters in Normal Eyes and in Non-Arteritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION)
Presenters: Ashwin Mohan
Authors: Ashwin Mohan; Rohit Shetty

Presentation 37: Is Ishihara Color Plate Testing as Reliable on iPod-iPhone and iPad as on Paper Format?
Presenters: Katherine Boudreault
Authors: Katherine Boudreault; Kinda Najem; Katie Luneau

Presentation 38: Multifactorial Optic Neuropathy - When It Isn't Always Glaucoma
Presenters: Deborah C. Parish
Authors: Deborah C. Parish; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme; Ahmara G. Ross; Islam M. Zaydan

Presentation 39: Cobalt-Chromium Metallosis with Normal ERG
Presenters: Huy V. Nguyen
Authors: Huy V. Nguyen; Lola M. Grillo; Stephen H. Tsang; Donald C. Hood; Jeffrey G. Odel

Presentation 40: Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION): a Misnomer. A Non-Ischemic Papillopathy Caused by Vitreous Separation
Presenters: Cameron F. Parsa
Authors: Cameron F. Parsa; William F. Hoyt

Presentation 41: Visual and Oculomotor Outcomes in Children with Posterior Fossa Tumors
Presenters: Crandall E. Peeler
Authors: Crandall E. Peeler; Jeffrey Hollander; Jane C. Edmond; Gena Heidary

Presentation 42: Radiation Optic Neuropathy and Retinopathy from Low Dose (20Gy) Radiation Treatment
Presenters: Crandall E. Peeler
Authors: Crandall E. Peeler; Dean M. Cestari

Presentation 43: Bilateral Optic Neuropathy in Superficial Intracranial Siderosis
Presenters: Thong D. Pham
Authors: Thong D. Pham; Mark J. Morrow

Presentation 44: Binocular Acuity Summation (BAS) in Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Relation to Retinal Architecture and Visual System Neurophysiology
Presenters: Sara S. Qureshi
Authors: Sara S. Qureshi; Millad J. Sobhanian; Amy L. Conger; Darrel L. Conger; Teresa C. Frohman; Laura J. Balcer; Elliot M. Frohman

Presentation 45: Nutritional Optic Neuropathy after Bariatric Surgery
Presenters: Yuna Rapoport
Authors: Yuna Rapoport; Patrick JM Lavin

Presentation 46: Lyme Disease Mimicking Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Nailyn Rasool
Authors: Nailyn Rasool; Lisa A. Cowan; Dean M. Cestari

Presentation 47: Structural Analyses of the Anterior Visual Pathway in Compressive Neuropathy
Presenters: Won Hyung Andrew Ryu
Authors: Won Hyung Andrew Ryu; Wesley Chan; Jodie M. Burton; Yves P. Starreveld; Fiona Costello

Presentation 48: Changes in Thickness of Retinal Segments in the Early Course of Non-Arteritic Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION)
Presenters: Bernardo F. Sanchez-Dalmau
Authors: Bernardo F. Sanchez-Dalmau; Johannes Keller; Pablo Villoslada

Presentation 49: A First Case Report of Chordoid Glioma Invading Optic Nerve
Presenters: Nicolae Sanda
Authors: Nicolae Sanda; Avinoam B. Safran; Claudiu N. Mircea; Michele Bernier; Sorin Aldea

Presentation 50: Clinical Spectrum of Optic Neuritis in Indian Children at a Tertiary Care Centre
Presenters: Swati Phuljhele
Authors: Swati Phuljhele; Reena Sharma; Rohit Saxena; Vimala Menon

Presentation 51: Prognosticating Factors in Nonarteritic Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION)
Presenters: Swati Phuljhele
Authors: Swati Phuljhele; Reena Sharma; Rini Sinha; Rohit Saxena; Vimala Menon

Presentation 52: Sweep My Blindness Away!
Presenters: Salwa A. Aziz
Authors: Salwa A. Aziz; Tarek A. Shazly; Islam M. Zaydan; Valeria LN Fu; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme

Presentation 53: Progressive Non-Arteritic Optic Neuropathy as the First Presentation of Anti-Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome
Presenters: Tarek A. Shazly
Authors: Tarek A. Shazly; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme

Presentation 54: Anterior Visual Pathway (AVP) Meningiomas: a Dosimetric Comparison of IMRT to Pencil-Beam Proton Therapy
Presenters: Scott L. Stafford
Authors: Scott L. Stafford; Kevin L. Kisrow; Charles S. Mayo

Presentation 55: A Case of Lyme Neuroretinitis - an Elusive Entity
Presenters: Padmaja Sudhakar
Authors: Padmaja Sudhakar; Muhammad S. Zafar; Flavius D. Raslau; Joshua J. Chalkley; Kimberly S. Jones; Sachin S. Kedar

Presentation 56: 50% of Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Occurs between 40-55 Years Old
Presenters: Minghui Sun
Authors: Minghui Sun; M. Ali Shariati; Yaping Joyce Liao

Presentation 57: Evaluation of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer and Ganglion Cell Complex in a Cohort of Chinese with Optic Neuritis or Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders Using SD-OCT
Presenters: Guohong Tian
Authors: Guohong Tian; Chaoyi Feng; Mengwei Li; Min Wang; Xinghuai Sun; Yan Sha

Presentation 58: Transient Monocular Vision Loss upon Awakening: a Benign Phenomenon
Presenters: Marc A. Bouffard
Authors: Marc A. Bouffard; Nurhan Torun

Presentation 59: Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy in Singapore: Multiethnic Involvement and Report of a New Gene Mutation Causing Optic Atrophy and Deafness
Presenters: Lee Choon Sharon Tow
Authors: Lee Choon Sharon Tow; Jingliang Loo; Patrizia Amati-Bonneau; Dominique Bonneau; Vincent Procaccio; Pascal Reynier; Dan Milea

Presentation 60: Optic Nerve Head and Macular Choroidal Vascularization in Patients Affected by Normal Tension Glaucoma and Non-Arteritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy: What Do They Share? What Is Different?
Presenters: Giacinto Triolo
Authors: Giacinto Triolo; Enrico Borrelli; Maria L. Cascavilla; Federico Di Matteo; Paolo Bettin; Francesco M. Bandello; Piero Barboni

Presentation 61: Multifocal ERG Shows Pre-Ganglion Cells Dysfunction in Dominant Optic Atrophy: Genotype-Phenotype Correlation
Presenters: Maria L. Cascavilla
Authors: Maria L. Cascavilla; Giacinto Triolo; Vincenzo M. Parisi; Enrico Borrelli; Chiara La Morgia; Alfredo A. Sadun; Francesco M. Bandello; Valerio Carelli; Piero Barboni

Presentation 62: Pediatric Primary Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma
Presenters: Kavin Vanikieti
Authors: Kavin Vanikieti; Pisit Preechawat; Anuchit Poonyathalang

Presentation 63: Syphilitic Optic Neuropathy: Re-Emerging Cases over a 2-Year Period
Presenters: Anuchit Poonyathalang
Authors: Anuchit Poonyathalang; Supanut Apinyawasisuk; Pisit Preechawat; Kavin Vanikieti

Presentation 64: Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy as Sole Presenting Sign of Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion
Presenters: Kimberly M. Winges
Authors: Kimberly M. Winges; Rebecca B. Bittner

Presentation 65: Challenges in the Management of Apoplexy of a Growth Hormone (GH) - Secreting Pituitary Adenoma during Pregnancy
Presenters: John X. Wong
Authors: John X. Wong; Su Ann Lim

Presentation 66: The Prevalence of Mitochondrial Disease in the Adult Population - Implications for the Prevention of Maternal Transmission
Presenters: Patrick Yu-Wai-Man
Authors: Patrick Yu-Wai-Man; Grainne S. Gorman; Andrew M. Schaefer; John P. Grady; Yi Ng; Patrick F. Chinnery; Robert W. Taylor; Robert McFarland; Douglass M. Turnbull

Presentation 67: Neuropathies in Children Involving Vision Caused by a Fall from Height
Presenters: Alon Zahavi
Authors: Alon Zahavi; Judith Luckman; Iftach Yassur; Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen

Presentation 68: Immunosuppressive Therapy of Chinese Isolated Non-MS Idiopathic Optic Neuritis
Presenters: Xiaojun Zhang
Authors: Xiaojun Zhang; Yunqing Wu; Hanqiu Jiang; Hengri Cong; Lijuan Liu; Jingting Peng; Xiuyun Kong; Rong Yan; Wenbin Wei

Presentation 69: How does Exogenous ROS Effect LHON Conversion
Presenters: Jeffrey S. Tran
Authors: Jeffrey S. Tran; Youning Zhang; Rustum S. Karanjia; Chiara La Morgia; Solange R. Salomao; Adriana Berezovsky; C. Filipe CC Chicani; Milton R. Moraes; Milton M. Filho; Rubens N. Belfort Jr; Alfredo A. Sadun; Valerio Carelli

Presentation 70: Chronic, Painful Abducens Palsy May Require Angiography: Lesson Re-Learned from a Case of a White-Eyed Shunt
Presenters: Aliaa H. Abdelhakim
Authors: Aliaa H. Abdelhakim; Jeffrey G. Odel; Philip M. Meyers; Angela A. Lignelli-Dipple; Alexander G. Khandji

Presentation 71: Eight and a Half Syndrome - A Rare Neuro-Ophthamologic Manifestation Due to Pontine Infarction
Presenters: Sanam Anwer
Authors: Sanam Anwer; Apoorv Prasad

Presentation 72: Where the Lung Meets the Eye
Presenters: Nathan W. Blessing
Authors: Nathan W. Blessing; Audrey C. Ko; Angela M. Herro

Presentation 73: Metastasis or Metamorphosis?
Presenters: Krista I. Kinard
Authors: Krista I. Kinard; Cecinio C. Ronquillo; Kajsa E. Affolter; Cheryl A. Palmer; Edward P. Quigley; William T. Couldwell; Kathleen B. Digre; Judith EA Warner; Bradley J. Katz; Alison V. Crum

Presentation 74: Acute Onset Internuclear Ophthlamoplegia and Migraine Headache
Presenters: Oana M. Dumitrascu
Authors: Oana M. Dumitrascu; Nili E. Steiner; Patrick D. Lyden

Presentation 75: Traumatic Avulsion of the Oculomotor Nerve: First Definitive Documentation on High Resolution MRI
Presenters: Lauren C. Ditta
Authors: Lauren C. Ditta; Asim F. Choudhri; Ari M. Blitz; James C. Fleming; Natalie C. Kerr; Thomas J. O'Donnell

Presentation 76: Ocular Motor Cranial Nerve Palsies in Pituitary Apoplexy
Presenters: Rabih Hage Jr
Authors: Rabih Hage Jr; Beau B. Bruce; Sheila R. Eshraghi; Nelson M. Oyesiku; Adriana G. Ioachimescu; Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 77: Later Life Decompensation of Congenital Trochlear Palsy due to Agenesis
Presenters: Ji-Soo Kim
Authors: Ji-Soo Kim; SeungHa Lee; Sung-Hee Kim; Hee-Kyung Yang; Jeong-Min Hwang; Jae-Hyoung Kim

Presentation 78: Presentation of Primary Hodgkin's Lymphoma as Multiple Cranial Neuropathies
Presenters: Hreem N. Patel
Authors: Hreem N. Patel; Aimee J. Szewka

Presentation 79: Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma in a Patient with Miller Fisher Syndrome without Pupillary Dysfunction
Presenters: Won-Yeol Ryu
Authors: Won-Yeol Ryu; Jong-Kuk Kim

Presentation 80: Congenital Oculomotor Nerve Paresis with Isolated Cyclic Pupillary Spasms
Presenters: Michael S. Salman
Authors: Michael S. Salman; Ian H. Clark; Samantha F. Klassen

Presentation 81: Abducent Nerve Palsy in a Patient with Castleman Disease!
Presenters: Tarek A. Shazly
Authors: Tarek A. Shazly; Islam M. Zaydan

Presentation 82: Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab Induced Aseptic Meningitis and Bilateral Sixth Nerve Palsy in Metastatic Melanoma Treatment
Presenters: Mitchell B. Strominger
Authors: Mitchell B. Strominger

Presentation 83: Combined Third Nerve Palsy and Vertical Gaze Palsy in Midbrain Thalamic Stroke
Presenters: Kara A. Fister
Authors: Kara A. Fister; Padmaja Sudhakar; Sourabh A. Lahoti; Flavius D. Raslau; Sachin S. Kedar

Presentation 84: A Case of Abducens Nerve Palsy followed by Cyclic Esotropia: a Case Report and Review of the Literature
Presenters: Takako Sugimoto
Authors: Takako Sugimoto; Hideki Chuman; Nobuhisa Nao-i

Presentation 85: Functional MRI and MRI Tractography in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy-Like Syndrome
Presenters: Michael S. Vaphiades
Authors: Michael S. Vaphiades; Kristina M. Visscher; Janet C. Rucker; Surjith Vattoth; Glenn H. Roberson

Presentation 86: Abducens Palsy in a Patient with Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris
Presenters: Amanda L. Way
Authors: Amanda L. Way; Tarek A. Shazly; Ellen B. Mitchell

Presentation 87: Characterization of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) in Qatar
Presenters: Mais N. Alkawaz
Authors: Mais N. Alkawaz; Nour B. Barakat; Fatima Al-Mannai; Marc J. Dinkin

Presentation 88: Osmometry of Cerebrospinal Fluid from Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)
Presenters: Steffen E. Hamann
Authors: Steffen E. Hamann; Elisabeth A. Wibroe; Hanne M. Yri; Rigmor H. Jensen

Presentation 89: Corneal Biomechanics: a Journey through Unchartered Territories
Presenters: Ashwin Mohan
Authors: Ashwin Mohan; Chaithra D. Aroor; Rohit Shetty; Chaitra Jayadev; Tejal SJ; Bhujang K. Shetty

Presentation 90: Clinical and Prognostic Significance of CSF Closing Pressure in Pediatric Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome
Presenters: Shannon J. Beres
Authors: Shannon J. Beres; Claire A. Sheldon; Chantal J. Boisvert; Christina L. Szperka; Grace L. Paley; Evanette K. Burrows; Marianne R. Chilutti; Geraldine W. Liu; Shana E. McCormack; Grant T. Liu

Presentation 91: Subretinal Fluid in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: Clinical Course and Outcome
Presenters: John Jing-Wei Chen
Authors: John Jing-Wei Chen; Matthew J. Thurtell; Reid A. Longmuir; Mona K. Garvin; Jui-Kai Wang; Michael H. Wall; Randy H. Kardon

Presentation 92: Overdiagnosis of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)
Presenters: Adeniyi Fisayo
Authors: Adeniyi Fisayo; Valerie Biousse; Nancy J. Newman; Beau B. Bruce

Presentation 93: An Update on Terson Syndrome: Prevalence and Prognosis
Presenters: Philip S. Garza
Authors: Philip S. Garza; Beau B. Bruce; Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 94: Aberrant Presentation of Pseudotumor Cerebri
Presenters: Sawyer B. Hall
Authors: Sawyer B. Hall; Marc H. Levy; Jody G. Abrams

Presentation 95: Jugular Vein Thrombosis as a Cause of Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Josepha Horowitz
Authors: Josepha Horowitz; Keren Zissman

Presentation 96: Autism Spectrum Disorder in Pediatric Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome
Presenters: Anne K. Jensen
Authors: Anne K. Jensen; Claire A. Sheldon; Grace L. Paley; Grant T. Liu; Shana E. McCormack

Presentation 97: Lumbar Drain in Fulminant Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Mays A. El-Dairi
Authors: Mays A. El-Dairi; Kim Jiramongkolchai; Edward G. Buckley; M. Tariq Bhatti; Robert E. Wiggins

Presentation 98: Papilledema with Unilateral Occlusion of Internal Jugular Vein
Presenters: Abhishek Thandra
Authors: Abhishek Thandra; Bok-Kwan Jun; Miguel C. Arista

Presentation 99: Papilledema Secondary to Internal Jugular Vein Thrombosis in a Dialysis Patient
Presenters: Shauna E. Berry
Authors: Shauna E. Berry; Clint W. Kellogg; Kathryn E. Ireland; Matthew D. Kay

Presentation 100: Ultramicroscopic Study of the Optic Nerve Sheath in Patients with Severe Vision Loss from Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension - Methodology
Presenters: Joshua W. Evans
Authors: Joshua W. Evans; Marla R. Davis; Sachin S. Kedar; Deepta A. Ghate; Peter J. Timoney; Richard A. Kielar; Bruce E. Maley; William N. O'Connor

Presentation 101: Ultramicroscopic Study of the Optic Nerve Sheath in Patients with Severe Vision Loss from Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension - Results
Presenters: Marla R. Davis
Authors: Marla R. Davis; Joshua W. Evans; Sachin S. Kedar; Deepta A. Ghate; Peter J. Timoney; Richard A. Kielar; Bruce E. Maley; William N. O'Connor

Presentation 102: Exploratory Study of the Relationship between the Levonorgestrel-Releasing Intrauterine System and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Reuben M. Valenzuela
Authors: Reuben M. Valenzuela; Ruju Rai; Brian H. Kirk; Subhashree Sundar; Jessica N. Sanders; Judith EA Warner; Kathleen B. Digre; Alison V. Crum; Bradley J. Katz

Presentation 103: Coning following Lumbar Puncture in a Patient with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Christian J. Lueck
Authors: Christian J. Lueck; Adeniyi A. Borire; Andrew R. Hughes

Presentation 104: Long Term Follow-Up of PTC
Presenters: Assaf Hilely
Authors: Assaf Hilely; Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen; Hana Leiba

Presentation 105: Hemodialysis Graft-Induced Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Devin D. Mackay
Authors: Devin D. Mackay; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 106: Incidence of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) among Users of Tetracycline Antibiotics
Presenters: Samuel F. Passi
Authors: Samuel F. Passi; Ryan Butcher; Judith EA Warner; Bradley J. Katz; Alison V. Crum; Ramkiran Gouripeddi; Kathleen B. Digre

Presentation 107: CSF Characteristics in Patients with High Frisen Papilledema Grades from the IIHTT
Presenters: John H. Pula
Authors: John H. Pula; Jorge C. Kattah; Luis J. Mejico; Michael P. McDermott; Michael H. Wall

Presentation 108: Visual Outcomes after Treatment of Venous Sinus Stenosis with Dural Venous Sinus Stenting
Presenters: Ahmara G. Ross
Authors: Ahmara G. Ross; Andrew P. Carlson; Timothy W. Winter

Presentation 109: Relationship between High Opening Pressure on Lumbar Puncture and Failure of Optic Nerve Sheath Decompression to Prevent Progressive Visual Loss in Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)
Presenters: Mark E. Robinson
Authors: Mark E. Robinson; John Pagteilan; Ryan O'Myeilia; Annie Moreau; Bradley K. Farris

Presentation 110: Venous Sinus Stenting for Treatment of Increased Intracranial Pressure Secondary to Venous Sinus Stenosis
Presenters: Tarek A. Shazly
Authors: Tarek A. Shazly; Nikisha Q. Richards; Ashutosh P. Jadhav; Tudor G. Jovin; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme

Presentation 111: Pediatric Primary Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome (PTCS): a Detailed, Retrospective, Multicenter Analysis of Anthropometrics
Presenters: Claire A. Sheldon
Authors: Claire A. Sheldon; Grace L. Paley; Anat Kesler; Ori Eyal; Chantal J. Boisvert; Robert A. Avery; Gena Heidary; Melissa W. Ko; Shana E. McCormack; Grant T. Liu

Presentation 112: Endovascular Venous Stenting in Treatment of Primary Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)
Presenters: Rajeev Sivasankar
Authors: Rajeev Sivasankar; Hemant Trehan; Rochan Pant

Presentation 113: Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Mimicking Foster Kennedy Syndrome
Presenters: Chuan-Bin Sun
Authors: Chuan-Bin Sun; Shihui Wei

Presentation 114: Going For The Jugular! Paragangliomas, Papilledema, and Vision Loss
Presenters: Jonathan D. Trobe
Authors: Jonathan D. Trobe; Paweena Lertakyamanee; Ashok Srinivasan; Lindsey B. Delott

Presentation 115: Visual Outcomes following Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration
Presenters: Neel S. Vaidya
Authors: Neel S. Vaidya; Steven E. Katz

Presentation 116: New Side Effect of Acetazolamide: Palinopsia
Presenters: Peggy H. Vogt
Authors: Peggy H. Vogt; Charles G. Maitland

Presentation 117: Endovascular Intervention in a Chronic Case of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)
Presenters: Muhammad-Atif Zubairi
Authors: Muhammad-Atif Zubairi; Andrew P. Carlson

Presentation 118: Optical Aberrations - a Trigger Factor for Migraine?
Presenters: Rohit Shetty
Authors: Rohit Shetty; Chaithra D. Aroor; Chaitra Jayadev; Kareeshma Wadia; Bhujang K. Shetty

Presentation 119: An Interesting Field of Study
Presenters: Andrew S. Camp
Authors: Andrew S. Camp; Angela M. Herro; Norman J. Schatz

Presentation 120: Visual Field Assessment in the "Split-Brain" Patient: Effect of the Method / Laterality of Obtaining Patient Responses on Apparent Visual Field Defect Size
Presenters: J. Alexander Fraser
Authors: J. Alexander Fraser; Jorge G. Burneo

Presentation 121: Binasal Hemianopsia
Presenters: Erica E. Ballard
Authors: Erica E. Ballard; Bok-Kwan Jun

Presentation 122: Voice Processing in Developmental Prosopagnosia
Presenters: Ran R. Liu
Authors: Ran R. Liu; Sherryse L. Corrow; Raika Pancaroglu; Bradley C. Duchaine; Jason JS Barton

Presentation 123: Building a Repository for Posterior Cortical Atrophy
Presenters: Jennifer J. Olds
Authors: Jennifer J. Olds; William L. Hills

Presentation 124: Subretinal Choroidal Neovascularization associated with Unilateral Papilledema and IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension)
Presenters: Jalpa M. Patel
Authors: Jalpa M. Patel; Charles G. Maitland

Presentation 125: The Initiation of Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements in Anisometropic Amblyopia
Presenters: Rana A. Raashid
Authors: Rana A. Raashid; Alan W. Blakeman; Herbert C. Goltz; Agnes MF Wong

Presentation 126: The Pulfrich Phenomenon: an Objective Signature-Biomarker of MS Pathophysiology
Presenters: Millad J. Sobhanian
Authors: Millad J. Sobhanian; Rohit Agarwal; Darrel L. Conger; Amy L. Conger; Laura J. Balcer; Robert L. Rennaker II; Josh Shin-Chien Beh; Owen B. White; Randy H. Kardon; Teresa C. Frohman; Elliot M. Frohman

Presentation 127: Distractibility In Multiple Sclerosis: a Potential Cause of Morbidity
Presenters: Derek Sears
Authors: Derek Sears; Ashley Frohman; Teresa C. Frohman; Elliot M. Frohman; Lynette Millist; Meaghan Clough; Joanne Fielding; Owen B. White

Presentation 128: Disconjugacy of Eye Alignment Is Greater with Near Fixation during Binocular Viewing in Amblyopia
Presenters: Vivian Xu
Authors: Vivian Xu; Robert B. Geary; Boris L. Gramatikov; David L. Guyton; Kristina Irsch; Howard S. Ying

Presentation 129: An Adjustable Magnetic Prism Carrier for Strabismus Evaluation
Presenters: David S. Bardenstein
Authors: David S. Bardenstein

Presentation 130: Patient Satisfaction with Prismatic Correction of Diplopia
Presenters: Shauna E. Berry
Authors: Shauna E. Berry; Matthew D. Kay; Clint W. Kellogg; Kathryn E. Ireland

Presentation 131: Duane Retraction Syndrome in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Presenters: Thomas M. Bosley
Authors: Thomas M. Bosley; Mustafa AM Salih; Darren T. Oystreck; Khaled K. Abu-Amero

Presentation 132: Peribulbar Botulinum Toxin as a Treatment for Symptomatic Opsoclonus in Oculopalatal Myoclonus
Presenters: Katherine E. Duncan
Authors: Katherine E. Duncan; Moran Levin; Janet L. Alexander; Erica L. Archer

Presentation 133: Thalamic Stroke in a Young Patient Presenting with Sudden Onset Large Skew Deviation
Presenters: Oana M. Dumitrascu
Authors: Oana M. Dumitrascu; Patrick D. Lyden; Mohammad Shafie

Presentation 134: Ophthalmological Spectrum of Locked-In Syndrome
Presenters: Martin Graber
Authors: Martin Graber; Georges Challe; Marie-Francoise Alexandre; Bertrand Gaymard; Bahram Bodaghii; Phuc LeHoang; Valerie Touitou

Presentation 135: Cigarette Smoking and Activities of Daily Living in Ocular Myasthenia Gravis
Presenters: Sean M. Gratton
Authors: Sean M. Gratton; Angela M. Herro; William J. Feuer; Byron L. Lam

Presentation 136: An Evaluation of Educational Neurological Eye Movement Disorder Videos Posted on Internet Video Sharing Sites
Presenters: Simon J. Hickman
Authors: Simon J. Hickman

Presentation 137: How Do Patients with Strabismus Locate Visual Targets?
Presenters: Jonathan C. Horton
Authors: Jonathan C. Horton; Daniel L. Adams; John R. Economides

Presentation 138: Superior Cerebellar Peduncle Demyelination Causing Geotropic Central Positional Nystagmus
Presenters: A. Cristina DuQue
Authors: A. Cristina DuQue; Daniela Pereira; Ana Margarida Amorim; Sonia Batista; Joao Lemos

Presentation 139: Normative Database for the King-Devick Test in Adults and Adolescents
Presenters: Danielle F. Leong
Authors: Danielle F. Leong; Yi Pang; Leonard V. Messner; Sherry L. Audycki; James L. Fanelli; Daniel T. McGehee; Robert J. Steinmetz; Wendy J. Stone; Katherine Lynch; Heather E. Moss; Laura J. Balcer

Presentation 140: Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking with Electronegative Cone-Rod Dystrophy: Case Report
Presenters: Su Ann Lim
Authors: Su Ann Lim

Presentation 141: Levodopa-Induced Ocular Dyskinesias
Presenters: Bryan V. Pham
Authors: Bryan V. Pham; John G. Nutt; William L. Hills

Presentation 142: Clinical Features, Diagnostic Findings and Treatment of Adult-Onset Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome: a Case Series
Presenters: Olga R. Rosenvald
Authors: Olga R. Rosenvald; Pooja S. Raibagkar; Shamik Bhattacharyya; Ivana Vodopivec; Shirley H. Wray

Presentation 143: Divergence Palsy due to Antiepileptic Drugs
Presenters: Marc A. Bouffard
Authors: Marc A. Bouffard; Louis R. Caplan; Nurhan Torun

Presentation 144: Quantifying The Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex with Video-Oculography
Presenters: Ali S. Saber-Tehrani
Authors: Ali S. Saber-Tehrani; Georgios Mantokoudis; Jorge C. Kattah; Karin Eibenberger; Cynthia I. Guede; David S. Zee; David E. Newman-Toker

Presentation 145: Neuro-Ophthalmic Manifestations of Intracranial Tumours in South India
Presenters: Kowsalya Akkayasamy
Authors: Kowsalya Akkayasamy; Dhivya Rajadurai; S. Mahesh Kumar

Presentation 146: Sideline Testing in Youth and Collegiate Athletes: What Does Vision Add to the Concussion Puzzle?
Presenters: Laura J. Balcer
Authors: Laura J. Balcer; Avri Bohm; Lisena Hasanaj; John-Ross Rizzo; Liliana P. Serrano; Rachel C. Nolan; Nicholas J. Moehringer; Nikki Webb; Courtney Civitano; Dennis A. Cardone; Arlene Silverio; Steven L. Galetta

Presentation 147: Assessment of Recruitment Patterns in a Neuro-Ophthalmology Registry
Presenters: Kimberly D. Blankshain
Authors: Kimberly D. Blankshain; Hyo Jin Park; Heather E. Moss

Presentation 148: Prediction of Eye Position during General Anesthesia Using Bispectral Index Monitoring
Presenters: Seung Ah Chung
Authors: Seung Ah Chung; Koung Hoon Kook; Jong Bok Lee

Presentation 149: Demographic Profile of the Patients Presenting to a Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic of a Tertiary Eye Care Centre
Presenters: Shiva P. Gantyala
Authors: Shiva P. Gantyala; Rebika Dhiman; Vaitheeswaran L. Ganesan; Digvijay Singh; Rohit Saxena; Pradeep Sharma

Presentation 150: Botulinum Toxin-Augmented Strabismus Surgery versus Conventional Surgery in the Treatment of Large-Angle Infantile Esotropia
Presenters: Aubrey L. Gilbert
Authors: Aubrey L. Gilbert; Michael J. Wan; Melanie Kazlas; Carolyn S. Wu; David G. Hunter; Iason S. Mantagos; Ankoor S. Shah

Presentation 151: Heidenhain Variant of Creutzfeldt Jakob's Disease (CJD) in a Patient who Had Bovine Bioprosthetic Valve Implantation
Presenters: Haneen Jabaly-Habib
Authors: Haneen Jabaly-Habib; Walid R. Saliba; Mazen Elias; George S. Habib

Presentation 152: The Effects of Pediatric Primary Brain Tumors on Vision and Quality of Life
Presenters: Supharat Jariyakosol
Authors: Supharat Jariyakosol; Jason H. Peragallo; Beau B. Bruce; Nancy J. Newman; Valerie Biousse

Presentation 153: A Method for Quantifying Off Chart Visual Acuities
Presenters: Rustum S. Karanjia
Authors: Rustum S. Karanjia; Tiffany J. Hwang; Alexander F. Chen; Matin Khoshnevis; Edward R. Chu; Alfredo A. Sadun

Presentation 154: Differential Functions Mediated by Melanopsin Assessed in Subjects with Healthy and Diseased Eyes
Presenters: Aki Kawasaki
Authors: Aki Kawasaki; Lorette Leon; Sylvie Collomb; Mirjam Y. Munch

Presentation 155: Familial Papillitis and Macular Cystoid Edema: a Genetic Autoimmune Disorder?
Presenters: Chiara La Morgia
Authors: Chiara La Morgia; Piero Barboni; Antonio P. Ciardella; Alfredo A. Sadun; Valerio Carelli

Presentation 156: New Daily Persistent Headache Triggered by Cataract Extraction?
Presenters: Julia E. Mallory
Authors: Julia E. Mallory; James D. Lin; Jeffrey G. Odel

Presentation 157: Ten Years of Temporal Artery Biopsies in Ontario Canada: a Population-Based Study on Practice Patterns and the Incidence of Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Jonathan A. Micieli
Authors: Jonathan A. Micieli; Robert Micieli; Edward A. Margolin

Presentation 158: A Method for Recognizing Colorblind Malingering
Presenters: Andrew E. Pouw
Authors: Andrew E. Pouw; Rustum S. Karanjia; Alfredo A. Sadun

Presentation 159: Mycotic Aneurysms of Intracavernous Internal Carotid Artery
Presenters: Kumudini Sharma
Authors: Kumudini Sharma; Vikas Kanaujia; Priyadarshini Mishra; Rachna Agarwal; Alka Tripathy

Presentation 160: Platelet-Mediated Microvascular Ischemia Mimicking Migraine in Patients with Thrombocythemia
Presenters: Melissa C. Tien
Authors: Melissa C. Tien; Su Ann Lim

Presentation 161: Ganglion Cell Damage and Functional Recovery after Optic Neuritis
Presenters: Alexander U. Brandt
Authors: Alexander U. Brandt; Timm Oberwahrenbrock; Friedemann Paul; Fiona Costello

Presentation 162: To Evaluate the Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Loss in Optic Neuritis using Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Presenters: Kowsalya Akkayasamy
Authors: Kowsalya Akkayasamy; Anand Ravikumar; S. Mahesh Kumar

Presentation 163: Retinal Ganglion Cell Injury in Early Pediatric Onset MS
Presenters: Jennifer S. Graves
Authors: Jennifer S. Graves; Hardeep Chohan; Benjamin Cedars; Samuel Arnow; Emmanuelle L. Waubant; Ari J. Green

Presentation 164: The Correlation of Critical Flicker Fusion Function and P100 Latency of Visual Evoked Potential with Luminance
Presenters: Yanjun Chen
Authors: Yanjun Chen; Ashley M. Lundin; James N. Ver Hoeve

Presentation 165: The Effects of Amblyopia on Visual Evoked Potentials
Presenters: Florin Grigorian
Authors: Florin Grigorian; Michael Smit; Adriana P. Grigorian

Presentation 166: Doubling Method for Papilledema and Pseudopapilledema
Presenters: Bok-Kwan Jun
Authors: Bok-Kwan Jun

Presentation 167: Correlation between Structural and Functional Changes in Retina in Parkinson's Disease
Presenters: Manpreet Kaur
Authors: Manpreet Kaur; Rohit Saxena; Digvijay Singh; Madhuri Behari; Pradeep Sharma; Vimala Menon

Presentation 168: Relationship between Visual Acuity and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Measured by Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in Patients with Optic Neuropathy
Presenters: SungEun E. Kyung
Authors: SungEun E. Kyung; Jiwoong Park; Moohwan Chan

Presentation 169: Ganglion Cell Layer Thinning Detected by Optical Coherence Tomography as a Sign of Early Optic Atrophy in Pediatric Papilledema
Presenters: Andrew R. Lee
Authors: Andrew R. Lee; Pradeep S. Mettu; Kim Jiramongkolchai; Evan Silverstein; M. Tariq Bhatti; Sharon F. Freedman; Mays A. El-Dairi

Presentation 170: Peripapillary Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Corresponds to Drusen Location and Extent of Visual Field Defects in Patients with Optic Disc Drusen
Presenters: Lasse Malmqvist
Authors: Lasse Malmqvist; Birgit A. Sander; Marianne Wegener; Steffen E. Hamann

Presentation 171: Progressive Retinal Structure Abnormalities in Multiple System Atrophy
Presenters: Carlos E. Mendoza-Santiesteban
Authors: Carlos E. Mendoza-Santiesteban; Jose A. Palma; Jose Martinez; Lucy Norcliffe-Kaufmann; Thomas R. Hedges III; Horacio C. Kaufmann

Presentation 172: OCT Shows Consistent Relationships between Macular Layers and Peripapillary RNFL in Chronic Demyelinating and Compressive Optic Neuropathies
Presenters: Mark J. Morrow
Authors: Mark J. Morrow; Fawzi D. Abukhalil

Presentation 173: OCT Shows Different Relationships between Macular Layers and Peripapillary RNFL in Acute Versus Chronic Papillitis and Papilledema
Presenters: Fawzi D. Abukhalil
Authors: Fawzi D. Abukhalil; Mark J. Morrow

Presentation 174: The Photopic Negative Response in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Heather E. Moss
Authors: Heather E. Moss; Jason C. Park; J. Jason McAnany

Presentation 175: Attenuated Hunter Syndrome: a Rare Cause of Simultaneous Retinal and Optic Nerve Disease
Presenters: Kannan M. Narayana
Authors: Kannan M. Narayana; Heather A. Lau; Rachel C. Nolan; Janet C. Rucker; Laura J. Balcer; Steven L. Galetta

Presentation 176: Ganglion Cell and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis in a Case of PION
Presenters: Joshua Pasol
Authors: Joshua Pasol; Yevgeniya Libershteyn; Allison L. McClellan

Presentation 177: Perimacular Ganglion Cell Complex Thinning Detected By Spectral-Domain OCT Useful In Detecting Optic Tract Syndrome
Presenters: Fannie Petit
Authors: Fannie Petit; Frederic B. Dallaire; Sebastien Gagne; Laurent L. Guillon; Jacinthe Rouleau

Presentation 178: To Evaluate Changes in Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer and Ganglion Cell Layer on Cirrus HD-OCT in Cases of Multiple Sclerosis (With and Without Optic Neuritis) and Optic Neuritis
Presenters: Ganesh Pillay
Authors: Ganesh Pillay; Rohit Saxena; Rohit Bhatia

Presentation 179: Examination of Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) in a Pediatric Population with Newly Diagnosed Elevated Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Ahmara G. Ross
Authors: Ahmara G. Ross; Valeria LN Fu; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme; Islam M. Zaydan; Kanwal K. Nischal; Lea Ann A. Lope; Christin L. Sylvester; Ellen B. Mitchell

Presentation 180: Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in a Population-Based Study of Elderly Subjects: the Alienor Study
Presenters: Marie-Benedicte Rougier
Authors: Marie-Benedicte Rougier; Jean-Francois Korobelnik; Cedric Schweitzer; Marie-Noelle Delyfer; Jean-Francois Dartigues; Cecile Delcourt; Catherine Helmer

Presentation 181: OCT-Derived Retinal Capillary Density is Decreased in Corresponding Areas of Retinal Neuron Loss in Optic Neuropathy
Presenters: Min Wang
Authors: Min Wang; Randy H. Kardon

Presentation 182: Adaptive Optics Imaging with Histopathologic Correlation in Cancer-Associated Retinopathy
Presenters: Zoe R. Williams
Authors: Zoe R. Williams; Ethan A. Rossi; David A. DiLoreto Jr

Presentation 183: Robust Optic Nerve Head Analysis Based on 3D Optical Coherence Tomography
Presenters: Ella M. Kadas
Authors: Ella M. Kadas; Hanna Zimmermann; Janine Mikolajczak; Wolf-Dietrich A. Lagreze; Friedemann Paul; Alexander U. Brandt

Presentation 184: Ocular Motility Defects with Concordance Neuroimaging
Presenters: Nagham Al-Zubidi
Authors: Nagham Al-Zubidi; Constance L. Fry; John E. Carter; Bundhit Tantiwongkosi

Presentation 185: Mural Enhancement of the Intracranial Internal Carotid Artery in Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Sidney M. Gospe III
Authors: Sidney M. Gospe III; Pradeep Mettu; M. Tariq Bhatti; Samuel J. Kuzminski; Timothy J. Amrhein; Mays A. El-Dairi

Presentation 186: Morning Glory Disk Anomaly Associated with Absence of Intracranial Internal Carotid Artery
Presenters: Adriana P. Grigorian
Authors: Adriana P. Grigorian; Florin Grigorian

Presentation 187: Measurement of Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter by CT, MRI and Ultrasound
Presenters: Klara Landau
Authors: Klara Landau; Christian Giger-Tobler; Johannes Eisenack; David Holzmann; Athina Pangalu; Veit Sturm; Hanspeter E. Killer; Gregor P. Jaggi

Presentation 188: Occipital Partial Status Epilepticus with Abnormal MRI Imaging
Presenters: Sonalee R. Kulkarni
Authors: Sonalee R. Kulkarni; John W. Cochran

Presentation 189: Neuro-Imaging Characteristics of Common Extraocular Prosthetic Devices
Presenters: Samantha F. Lu
Authors: Samantha F. Lu; Banafsheh Salehi; Karen A. Tong; Ali R. Sepahdari; An Huynh; Sarah L. Beck; Beatrice K. Wong; Samantha E. Perea; Terry D. Wood

Presentation 190: A Lion in the Bush
Presenters: Padmaja Sudhakar
Authors: Padmaja Sudhakar; Muhammad S. Zafar; Kimberly S. Jones; Flavius D. Raslau; Janna H. Neltner; Sachin S. Kedar

Presentation 191: Why the Delay in Diagnosis? Increased Time from Symptom Onset to Diagnosis in Blepharospasm: a Prospective, Clinic-Based Study
Presenters: Kristen E. Dunbar
Authors: Kristen E. Dunbar; Michael M. Johns III; Hyder A. Jinnah; Ami R. Rosen; Laura J. White; Ted H. Wojno

Presentation 192: Atypical Presentation of Orbital Lymphangioma
Presenters: Haydee S. Martinez
Authors: Haydee S. Martinez; Macarena Clementi; Mirta S. Arana; Maria L. Braccia-Gancedo; Mariana de Virgiliis; Pablo I. Perez-Vega; Luciana L. Iacono

Presentation 193: Prospective Assessment of Peri-Oral Weakness following Peri-Orbital Botulinin Toxin for Blepharospasm
Presenters: Alexander J. Hartmann
Authors: Alexander J. Hartmann; Michael S. Lee; Andrew R. Harrison

Presentation 194: Vertical Diplopia and Ptosis from Removal of the Orbital Roof in Pterional Craniotomy
Presenters: Jonathan C. Horton
Authors: Jonathan C. Horton; Michael T. Lawton; Michael W. McDermott; Shilpa J. Desai

Presentation 195: Treatment of Rivaroxaban Associated Orbital Hemorrhage
Presenters: Marilyn C. Kay
Authors: Marilyn C. Kay

Presentation 196: Stonewalled: Bilateral Sequential Vision Loss in a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient
Presenters: Angelina EB Palau
Authors: Angelina EB Palau; Michael L. Morgan; Patricia Chevez-Barrios; Sushma C. Yalamanchili; Andrew G. Lee

Presentation 197: Allergic Fungal Sinusitis Mimicking Thyroid Orbitopathy
Presenters: Lina Nagia
Authors: Lina Nagia; Michael S. Vaphiades; Bradford A. Woodworth

Presentation 198: Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma: No Longer Impossible but Still Difficult
Presenters: Thomas B. Ableman
Authors: Thomas B. Ableman; Steven A. Newman

Presentation 199: An Advanced Pancoast Tumor Masquerading as Congenital Hereditary Ptosis
Presenters: Deborah C. Parish
Authors: Deborah C. Parish; Jenny Y. Yu

Presentation 200: It's All Going Dark!
Presenters: Tarek A. Shazly
Authors: Tarek A. Shazly; Amanda L. Way; Lea Ann A. Lope; Ellen B. Mitchell

Presentation 201: Bartonella Henselae-Associated Neuroretinitis with Orbital Intraconal and Optic Nerve Sheath Involvement
Presenters: Ann Shue
Authors: Ann Shue; Joseph N. Martel; Tarek A. Shazly; Ailee M. Laham; George Trichonas; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme

Presentation 202: Impact of Injection Site on Dose Escalation in the Treatment of Blepharospasm
Presenters: Rachel G. Simpson
Authors: Rachel G. Simpson; S. Khizer Khaderi

Presentation 203: A Case of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Masquerading as Primary Orbital Tumour
Presenters: Shantha Amrith
Authors: Shantha Amrith; Benjamin Boon Chuan Tan

Presentation 204: Visual Field and Graves Ophthalmopathy
Presenters: Sabine Defoort-Dhellemmes
Authors: Sabine Defoort-Dhellemmes; Jean-Philippe Woillez; Virginie Rufin

Presentation 205: VEPs to Lateralized Stimuli to Measure the Interhemispheric Transfer Time (IHTT)
Presenters: Ilie P. Cretu
Authors: Ilie P. Cretu; Solange C. Milazzo; Pierre D. Betermiez; Michel R. Petitjean

Presentation 206: The Heidenhain Variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Presenters: Kristen E. Dunbar
Authors: Kristen E. Dunbar; Geetha K. Athappilly; Jennifer Renz; Juan E. Small; Carl A. Geyer; Doreen T. Ho; Thomas R. Hedges III

Presentation 207: Six-Year Follow-Up of the Progression of Cortical Vision Loss in a Patient with HIV-Related Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
Presenters: Bahareh Hassanzadeh
Authors: Bahareh Hassanzadeh; Norman J. Schatz

Presentation 208: Retrograde Degeneration of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Homonymous Hemianopia
Presenters: Angela M. Herro
Authors: Angela M. Herro; Byron L. Lam; Sean M. Gratton

Presentation 209: Lesions of the Optic Tract: a Review of 35 Cases
Presenters: Kristopher M. Kowal
Authors: Kristopher M. Kowal; Jonathan D. Trobe

Presentation 210: Hydrocephalus and More!
Presenters: Tarek A. Shazly
Authors: Tarek A. Shazly; Islam M. Zaydan; Ryan L. Orie; Kathryn A. McFadden

Presentation 211: Ipratropium-Induced Mydriasis: a Possible Exception to the Current Anisocoria Diagnostic Pathway
Presenters: Erica L. Archer
Authors: Erica L. Archer; Robert K. Shin

Presentation 212: Automated Pupillograph as a Screening Tool in Ophthalmology Clinic
Presenters: Ashwin Mohan
Authors: Ashwin Mohan; Chaithra D. Aroor; Rohit Shetty; Luci Kaweri; Narendra KP; Dhanraj A. Rao; Ramagopal Balu; Manan U. Jariwala

Presentation 213: The Yield of Diagnostic Imaging in Patients with Isolated Horner's Syndrome
Presenters: Johanna D. Beebe
Authors: Johanna D. Beebe; Randy H. Kardon; Matthew J. Thurtell

Presentation 214: Evaluation of Pupil Response as Ocular Marker for Pre-Clinical Alzheimer's Disease
Presenters: Ling Y. Bei
Authors: Ling Y. Bei; Ying-Bo Shui; Fang Bai; Suzanne K. Nelson; David C. Beebe; John C. Morris; Gregory P. Van Stavern

Presentation 215: A Case of Horner's Syndrome after Clipping of the Internal Carotid-Posterior Cerebral Artery Aneurysm Associated with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Presenters: Koichiro Tamura
Authors: Koichiro Tamura; Hideki Chuman; Nobuhisa Nao-i

Presentation 216: Test-Retest Reliability of Hemifield, Central-Field and Full-Field Chromatic Pupillometry for Assessing the Function of Melanopsin-Containing Retinal Ganglion Cells
Presenters: Shao-Bo Lei
Authors: Shao-Bo Lei; Herbert C. Goltz; Manokaraananthan M. Chandrakumar; Agnes MF Wong

Presentation 217: Unique Presentation of Anti-GQ1b Antibody Syndrome
Presenters: Tin-Yan A. Liu
Authors: Tin-Yan A. Liu; Vivek R. Patel

Presentation 218: Novel Retinal Observations in Genetically Confirmed Kearns Sayre Syndrome
Presenters: Thomas M. Bosley
Authors: Thomas M. Bosley; Darren T. Oystreck; Khaled K. Abu-Amero; Sawsan R. Nowilaty; Emma L. Blakely; Robert W. Taylor; Igor Kozak

Presentation 219: Autoimmune Retinopathy and Optic Neuropathy in a Patient with Anti-GAD and Other Retinal Antibodies
Presenters: Sumayya J. Almarzouqi
Authors: Sumayya J. Almarzouqi; Michael L. Morgan; Petros E. Carvounis; Andrew G. Lee

Presentation 220: GM2-Gangliosidosis, AB Variant: an Elusive Cause of Neurodegenerative Cherry Red Spots
Presenters: Michael C. Brodsky
Authors: Michael C. Brodsky; Deborah L. Renaud

Presentation 221: Malignant Optic Nerve Glioma Manifesting as Central Retinal Vein Occlusion and Papilledema
Presenters: Ryan C. Burton
Authors: Ryan C. Burton; Michael S. Vaphiades; Jennifer T. Scruggs

Presentation 222: Comprehensive Postmarketing Review of Visual Defects Reported with Topiramate
Presenters: Lisa M. Ford
Authors: Lisa M. Ford; Jeffrey L. Goldberg; Fred Selan; Howard E. Greenberg; Yin-Qi Shi

Presentation 223: Sequential Fundus Findings after Platelet Rich Plasma for Facial Rejuvenation
Presenters: Emely Z. Karam
Authors: Emely Z. Karam; Evlyn Y. de Perez; Victor Torres; Ana K. Restrepo; Libsen A. Rodriguez; Herme D. Marco

Presentation 224: Contrast Sensitivity Visual Acuity Is Degraded in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
Presenters: Matthew J. Khayata
Authors: Matthew J. Khayata; Whitney B. Hough; Peggy H. Vogt; Eric M. Keasler; Jacqueline M. Sanchez; Garrett Q. Barr; David Y. Huang; Charles G. Maitland

Presentation 225: Ophthalmoscopy vs MRI - Sometimes Less Is More
Presenters: Anton M. Kolomeyer
Authors: Anton M. Kolomeyer; Tarek A. Shazly; Joseph N. Martel; Gabrielle R. Bonhomme

Presentation 226: Retinal Vessel Oximetry and Vessel Diameter Measurements: a Novel Metabolic Marker of Multiple Sclerosis
Presenters: Marlen Lucero
Authors: Marlen Lucero; Amy L. Conger; Darrel L. Conger; Millad J. Sobhanian; Victoria Stokes; Teresa C. Frohman; Owen B. White; Laura J. Balcer; Peter A. Calabresi; Robert L. Rennaker II; Elliot M. Frohman; Josh Shin-Chien Beh

Presentation 227: Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy Presenting as Retrobulbar Optic Neuritis
Presenters: SungEun E. Kyung
Authors: SungEun E. Kyung; Jiwoong Park; MoohWan Chang

Presentation 228: Long-Term Follow-Up of Laser Pointer Induced Macularopathy
Presenters: Chuan-Bin Sun
Authors: Chuan-Bin Sun; Ting-Ting Liu; Ke Yao

Presentation 229: Use of Wide-Field Retinography for Periphlebitis Detection in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Presenters: Ruben Torres-Torres
Authors: Ruben Torres-Torres; Elena Fraga-Pumar; Pablo Villoslada; Bernardo F. Sanchez-Dalmau

Presentation 230: An Atypical Presentation of Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Laurel N. Vuong
Authors: Laurel N. Vuong; Thomas R. Hedges III; Kendra A. Klein; Nora MV Laver; Francis J. McCabe

Presentation 231: Discordance Rates in Healing/Healed Arteritis in Temporal Artery Biopsies: the Role for Bilateral Biopsies
Presenters: Sangsu Han
Authors: Sangsu Han; Mustafa S. Kapasi; Vivek R. Patel; James P. Farmer; Paula L. Blanco; Danah H. Albreiki

Presentation 232: Bilateral Intracranial Optic Nerve and Chiasmal Involvement in IgG-4 Related Disease
Presenters: Raed S. Behbehani
Authors: Raed S. Behbehani; Hmoud S. Al-Nomas; Adeeba A. Al-Herz; Kenneth Katchi

Presentation 233: Neuromyelitis Optica preceded by Seizure Disorder
Presenters: Iris Ben-Bassat Mizrachi
Authors: Iris Ben-Bassat Mizrachi; Bruria Ben Zeev

Presentation 234: Optic Nerve Meningioma Masquerading as Neurosarcoidosis
Presenters: Ryan C. Burton
Authors: Ryan C. Burton; Michael S. Vaphiades; Matthew G. Vicinanzo

Presentation 235: Comparison of the Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Active Arteritis and Healed Arteritis, the Two Histopathological Patterns Considered Positive in Giant Cell Arteritis
Presenters: Michael W. Salter
Authors: Michael W. Salter; Joseph G. Chacko; Arthur J. Stanley; Harry H. Brown

Presentation 236: Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Neuromyelitis Optica - an Update
Presenters: Fiona Costello
Authors: Fiona Costello; Jodie M. Burton; Luanne M. Metz; Peter R. Duggan; Jan Storek

Presentation 237: Social Media and Susac Syndrome
Presenters: Robert A. Egan
Authors: Robert A. Egan

Presentation 238: Horner's Syndrome as Initial Manifestation of a Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor
Presenters: Gerard L. Hershewe
Authors: Gerard L. Hershewe; Micaela M. Koci; Javier A. Rodriguez; Shayne M. Ahwah; Joshua C. Gratwohl; Mia Cozad

Presentation 239: Birefringence of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer and Retinal Blood Flow Velocity in Multiple Sclerosis
Presenters: Hong Jiang
Authors: Hong Jiang; Jin Yuan; Silvia R. Delgado; Wen-Tao Yan; Delia C. DeBuc; Byron L. Lam; Jian-Hua Wan

Presentation 240: Botox for Chronic Intractable Headache among Veterans at VA Medical Center, Long Beach, California
Presenters: Grace W. Kao
Authors: Grace W. Kao; Wanda Hoffart; Steven S. Schreiber

Presentation 241: Thin-Film Optical Notch Filter Spectacle Coatings for the Treatment of Migraine and Photophobia
Presenters: Bradley J. Katz
Authors: Bradley J. Katz; Ryan N. Hoggan; Amith Subhash; Steven M. Blair; Kathleen B. Digre; Susan K. Baggaley; Jamison Gordon; Kevin C. Brennan; Judith EA Warner; Alison V. Crum

Presentation 242: Monitoring Alzheimer's Disease with Retina Examination
Presenters: Umur A. Kayabasi
Authors: Umur A. Kayabasi; Robert C. Sergott

Presentation 243: Why Is He Losing His Sight? He Is Losing His Photoreceptor!
Presenters: Ainat Klein
Authors: Ainat Klein; Efrat Fleissig; Anat Kesler

Presentation 244: Extensive Macular Serous Retinal Detachment as the Initial Presentation of Bartonella Henselae Induced Neuroretinitis
Presenters: Darrell R. Lewis
Authors: Darrell R. Lewis; Aditya V. Mishra; Vladimir Kozousek

Presentation 245: Visual Outcomes in Giant Cell Arteritis in Patients with Polymyalgia Rheumatica on Prior Corticosteroids
Presenters: Nailyn Rasool
Authors: Nailyn Rasool; Philip M. Skidd; Joseph F. Rizzo III

Presentation 246: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) after Ascending Aorta Dissection Surgery
Presenters: Hyo-Sook Ahn
Authors: Hyo-Sook Ahn; Soolienah Rhiu; Nam-Ju Moon; Ki-Han Kwon

Presentation 247: Delineation of Natural History for Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7 (SCA-7) in Anticipation of RNAi Therapy
Presenters: Steven F. Stasheff
Authors: Steven F. Stasheff; Brett G. Jeffrey; Wadih M. Zein; Catherine A. Cukras; Kenneth H. Fischbeck; Mark Hallett; Albert R. La Spada; Brian P. Brooks

Presentation 248: Study of the Dynamics of Axonal Degeneration in Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy by In-Vivo Corneal Confocal Microscopy
Presenters: Ruben Torres-Torres
Authors: Ruben Torres-Torres; Marisol Lopez-Moreno; Montserrat Munoz; Pablo Villoslada; Bernardo F. Sanchez-Dalmau