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2014 programs: 1) The Latest on OCT Symposium

NANOS Annual Meeting #40, 2014
Rio Mar Beach Resort, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, United States of America
Date: 03-05-2014

Day 9: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 (03-05-2014)

Program: The Latest on OCT Symposium  back to top
Moderators: Laura J. Balcer; Robert C. Sergott

Presentation 1: OCT Technologies: Which Machine Do You Want to Own?
Presenters: Fiona Costello
Authors: Fiona Costello

Presentation 2: OCT in Papilledema: What Am I Missing?
Presenters: Randy H. Kardon
Authors: Randy H. Kardon

Presentation 3: Clinical Trials to Clinical Use: Using Vision as a Model for MS and Beyond
Presenters: Laura J. Balcer
Authors: Laura J. Balcer

Presentation 4: The Developmental Pipeline -- Multi-Color Laser Imaging
Presenters: Robert C. Sergott
Authors: Robert C. Sergott