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2009 programs: 1) Scientific Platform Presentations (Session 2)

NANOS Annual Meeting #35, 2009
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, United States of America
Date: 2009-02-24

Day 3: Tuesday, February 24 (2009-02-24)

Program: Scientific Platform Presentations (Session 2)  back to top
Moderators: Howard D. Pomeranz; Marie D. Acierno; Alfredo A. Sadun; Fiona Costello

Presentation 1: Seeing With Less: Image Compression at the Retinogeniculate Synapse
Presenters: Jonathan C. Horton
Authors: Jonathan C. Horton; Tatyana Sharpee; Lawrence C. Sincich

Presentation 2: Anatomical and Physiological Correlates of Cross-modal Activation in Blindness
Presenters: Sashank Prasad
Authors: Sashank Prasad; Amy L. Thomas; Philip Cook; James Gee; Geoffrey K. Aguirre

Presentation 3: Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning After Acute Optic Neuritis: Relationship of 1, 3, and 6 Month Findings
Presenters: Mark J. Kupersmith
Authors: Mark J. Kupersmith; Gary Mandel; Susan C. Anderson; Randy H. Kardon

Presentation 4: Early Changes in Experimental Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy and Treatment with Alpha?-B Crystallin
Presenters: Yaping Joyce Liao
Authors: Yaping Joyce Liao; Kirandeep Kaur; Shalina Ousman; Lawrence Steinman; Susanne Pangratz-Fuehrer

Presentation 5: Functional MRI of Dynamic 3D Visual Object Recognition
Presenters: Geetha K. Athappilly
Authors: Geetha K. Athappilly; Victoria S. Pelak; Mark Dubin; Christopher M. Filley; Don Rojas

Presentation 6: Comparing Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Atrophy and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis
Presenters: Fiona Costello
Authors: Fiona Costello; William G. Hodge; Y. Irene Pan

Presentation 7: Saccade Related Potentials of the Human Subthalamic Nucleus and Globus Pallidus Interna
Presenters: Arun NE Sundaram
Authors: Arun NE Sundaram; James A. Sharpe; William Hutchison

Presentation 8: Clonally-Expanded Plasma Cells in Neuromyelitis Optica Cerebrospinal Fluid Produce IgG Against Aquaporin-4
Presenters: Jeffrey L. Bennett
Authors: Jeffrey L. Bennett; Chiwah Lam; Katherine Bautista; Cecily DuPree; Magdalena Glogowska; David Case; Philippe Saikali; Jack Antel; Sudhakar Reddy; Bernhard Hemmer; Gregory P. Owens; Donald H. Gilden

Presentation 9: The association of CSF Opening Pressure (OP) with patient characteristics, presentation and visual outcome in idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH).
Presenters: Sachin S. Kedar
Authors: Sachin S. Kedar; Deepta A. Ghate; David Monaghan; James J. Corbett

Presentation 10: Skew Deviation Predicts Brainstem Involvement in the Acute Vestibular Syndrome
Presenters: Jorge C. Kattah
Authors: Jorge C. Kattah; David E. Newman-Toker; Arun Talkad

Presentation 11: On-road Driving Performance by Persons with Hemianopia and Quadrantanopia
Presenters: Michael S. Vaphiades
Authors: Michael S. Vaphiades; Joanne Wood; Gerald McGwin; Lanning B. Kline; Ronald Braswell; Cynthia Owsley; Dawn DeCarlo

Presentation 12: Optic Nerve Head Morphology In Perinatal Onset Static Encephalopathy.
Presenters: Deepta A. Ghate
Authors: Deepta A. Ghate; Sachin S. Kedar; Vettaikorumakankav Vedanarayanan; Nils Mungan; Ching-Jygh Chen; James J. Corbett

Presentation 13: Intravitreal Bevacizumab for Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy: A Pilot Study
Presenters: Shalom E. Kelman
Authors: Shalom E. Kelman; Michael Elman; Naresh Mandava; Jeffrey L. Bennett

Presentation 14: Effect of Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration on Papilledema of the Contra-lateral Non-operated Fellow Eyes in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Presenters: Adel Alsuhaibani
Authors: Adel Alsuhaibani; Jeffrey Nerad; Keith D. Carter; Andrew G. Lee

Presentation 15: Characteristics of the Cerebellar Dysplasia in Chiari type II Malformation as Revealed by Ocular Motor Functions
Presenters: Michael S. Salman
Authors: Michael S. Salman; Maureen Dennis; James A. Sharpe