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2004 programs: 1) Infectious Diseases Symposium

NANOS Annual Meeting #30, 2004
Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Sea World, Orlando, Florida, United States of America
Date: 2004-03-29

Day 2: Monday, March 29 (2004-03-29)

Program: Infectious Diseases Symposium  back to top
Moderators: Lynn K. Gordon; Jacqueline MS Winterkorn

Presentation 1: TB or not TB: That Is Often a Question!
Presenters: Pamela S. Chavis
Authors: Pamela S. Chavis

Presentation 2: PML: Lessons from the AIDS Pandemic
Presenters: Joseph R. Berger
Authors: Joseph R. Berger; Eugene O. Major; Bruce F. Sabath

Presentation 3: Fads and Epidemics in Infectious Disease: Syphilis, Lyme and Bartonella
Presenters: Laura J. Balcer
Authors: Laura J. Balcer

Presentation 4: Horrible Hyphae: Orbital Infections
Presenters: Howard R. Krauss
Authors: Howard R. Krauss

Presentation 5: Choroidopathies: Infection: Autoimmunity
Presenters: Jeffrey L. Bennett
Authors: Jeffrey L. Bennett

Presentation 6: Prion Disease: Folding Matters
Presenters: Eric R. Eggenberger
Authors: Eric R. Eggenberger

Presentation 7: Neurologic Complications of HIV Infection
Presenters: Meriem K. Bensalem
Authors: Meriem K. Bensalem; Joseph R. Berger