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2003 programs: 1) Hot Topics (Controversies): Functional Visual Loss

NANOS Annual Meeting #29, 2003
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah, United States of America
Date: 2003-02-11

Day 3: Tuesday, February 11 (2003-02-11)

Program: Hot Topics (Controversies): Functional Visual Loss  back to top
Moderators: David L. Knox; Ralph A. Sawyer

Presentation 1: The "Iatrogenic" Converter [Case 1]
Presenters: Jacqueline A. Leavitt
Authors: Jacqueline A. Leavitt

Presentation 2: Functional Visual Loss Plus [Case 2]
Presenters: Mark L. Moster
Authors: Mark L. Moster

Presentation 3: The Expert Witness and the Nonorganic Patient: Discovery, Documentation and Daubert [Case 3]
Presenters: August L. Reader III
Authors: August L. Reader III

Presentation 4: Factitious Visual Loss [Case 4]
Presenters: Terry A. Cox
Authors: Terry A. Cox

Presentation 5: The Psychodynamics of "Functional Illness": Functional Visual Loss in Psychiatric Context [Case 4]
Presenters: Noel C. Gardner
Authors: Noel C. Gardner