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1995 programs: 1) Visual System Injury Symposium

NANOS Annual Meeting #21, 1995
El Conquistador Resort, Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
Date: 1995-02-20

Day 2: Monday, February 20, 1995 (1995-02-20)

Program: Visual System Injury Symposium  back to top
Moderators: Geoffrey Maitland; Nancy J. Newman

Presentation 1: Immunoglobulin Therapy
Presenters: Shelley A. Cross
Authors: Shelley A. Cross

Presentation 2: Megadose Steroids and Alchemy
Presenters: Ronald M. Burde
Authors: Ronald M. Burde

Presentation 3: Molecular Dissection
Presenters: Stephen G. Waxman
Authors: Stephen G. Waxman

Presentation 4: Nutritional Amblyopia
Presenters: Simmons Lessell
Authors: Simmons Lessell

Presentation 5: Visual Neglect: Mechanisms for Recovery
Presenters: Jon N. Currie
Authors: Jon N. Currie

Presentation 6: Vertical Gaze Palsies and Metabolic Diseases
Presenters: Patrick JM Lavin
Authors: Patrick JM Lavin

Presentation 7: Anoxic Injury of Central Myelinated Axons
Presenters: Stephen G. Waxman
Authors: Stephen G. Waxman