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1994 programs: 1) Science Platform Presentations (Session 3)

NANOS Annual Meeting #20, 1994
Tamarron Resort, Durango, Colorado, United States of America
Date: 1994-03-01

Day 3: Tuesday, March 1, 1994 (1994-03-01)

Program: Science Platform Presentations (Session 3)  back to top
Moderators: Mark L. Moster

Presentation 1: Preganglionic Cholinergic Supersensitivity of the Pupil in Third Nerve Palsies
Presenters: Daniel M. Jacobson
Authors: Daniel M. Jacobson

Presentation 2: The Effect of Saccades of Frontal Eye Field Focal Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Humans
Presenters: Edmond J. FitzGibbon
Authors: Edmond J. FitzGibbon

Presentation 3: Vertical End-Point Nystagmus
Presenters: James A. Sharpe
Authors: James A. Sharpe; Ping Cheng; Moshe Eizenman

Presentation 4: Cerebral Control of Saccades After Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenters: Isla M. Williams
Authors: Isla M. Williams; Larry A. Abel

Presentation 5: The Natural History and Treatment of Superior Oblique Myokymia
Presenters: Andrew G. Lee
Authors: Andrew G. Lee; Neil R. Miller; Jeffrey D. Henderer; Paul W. Brazis

Presentation 6: Blink Kinematics and Facial Nerve Palsy
Presenters: Robert S. Baker
Authors: Robert S. Baker

Presentation 7: A Familial Syndrome of Hemiplegic Migraine and Nystagmus: Chromosomal Defect Localization and Ocular Motility Characteristics
Presenters: Michael A. Elliott
Authors: Michael A. Elliott; Stephen J. Peroutka; Eugene F. May; Susan K. Welch

Presentation 8: Afferent Stimulation in Congenital Nystagmus
Presenters: Louis F. Dell'Osso
Authors: Louis F. Dell'Osso; R. John Leigh; NV Sheth