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1988 programs: 1) Scientific Platform Presentations (Session 3)

NANOS Annual Meeting #14, 1988
The Grande Butte Hotel, Mount Crested Butte, Colorado, United States of America
Date: 1988-02-23 (program dates are estimated for this year)

Day 3: Tuesday, February 23, 1988 (1988-02-23) (program dates are estimated for this year)

Program: Scientific Platform Presentations (Session 3)  back to top
Moderators: Mark J. Kupersmith

Presentation 1: Retrobulbar Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
Presenters: David W. Zauel
Authors: David W. Zauel; Ruth C. Goodell

Presentation 2: Amaurosis Fugax Associated With Lupus Anticoagulant
Presenters: Kathleen B. Digre
Authors: Kathleen B. Digre; F. Jane Durcan

Presentation 3: Disproportionate Ventricular Enlargement In an Infant
Presenters: Charles G. Maitland
Authors: Charles G. Maitland

Presentation 4: Retinal Projections to the Sensory Optic System in Man
Presenters: Alfredo A. Sadun
Authors: Alfredo A. Sadun; Craig A. Fredricks; Roland A. Giolli; Robert H. Blanks

Presentation 5: Optic Nerve Dysfunction in Familial Dysautonomia
Presenters: Greg A. Diamond
Authors: Greg A. Diamond; Robert A. D'Amico; Felicia B. Axelrod

Presentation 6: Lyme Disease; Another Cause of the Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome
Presenters: Daniel M. Jacobson
Authors: Daniel M. Jacobson; David B. Frens

Presentation 7: Visual Loss in Patients with Metastatic Meningeal Cancer
Presenters: Jorge C. Kattah
Authors: Jorge C. Kattah; Darlene K. Mullon; Martin P. Kolsky; Casey T. Lee; Herbert J. Manz; Lawrence Zimmerman

Presentation 8: Contact Lenses and Congenital Nystagmus
Presenters: Louis F. Dell'Osso
Authors: Louis F. Dell'Osso; Sebastiano Traccis; Larry A. Abel; Sergul A. Erzurum