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1986 programs: 1) Scientific Platform Presentations (Session 1)

NANOS Annual Meeting #12, 1986
Whistler Resort, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Date: 1986-02-23 (program dates are estimated for this year)

Day 1: Sunday, February 23, 1986 (1986-02-23) (program dates are estimated for this year)

Program: Scientific Platform Presentations (Session 1)  back to top
Moderators: William F. Hoyt

Presentation 1: Aging in the Human Optic Nerve
Presenters: Alfredo A. Sadun
Authors: Alfredo A. Sadun

Presentation 2: Reversible Familial Leber's Optic Neuropathy
Presenters: Alan S. Weingarden
Authors: Alan S. Weingarden; Jonathan D. Wirtschafter

Presentation 3: Autoimmune Optic Neuritis - Masquerading as MS
Presenters: Mark J. Kupersmith
Authors: Mark J. Kupersmith; Ronald M. Burde; Terence G. Klingele; Hal J. Mitnick; Floyd A. Warren

Presentation 4: Bilateral Lupus Optic Neuropathy: Vascular or Demyelinative
Presenters: James J. Corbett
Authors: James J. Corbett

Presentation 5: Optic Neuropathy and Sphenoid Sinusitis: A Case Report
Presenters: Charles E. Maxner
Authors: Charles E. Maxner; James J. Corbett

Presentation 6: Prospective Study of the Risk of Developing Multiple Sclerosis in Uncomplicated Optic Neuritis: A 13 Year Follow-Up
Presenters: Joseph F. Rizzo III
Authors: Joseph F. Rizzo III

Presentation 7: MRI Imaging of Presumed Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma
Presenters: James A. Goodwin
Authors: James A. Goodwin

Presentation 8: Allergy, Ocular Inflammation and Optic Neuritis
Presenters: David L. Knox
Authors: David L. Knox