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1978 programs: 1) Various Subjects Symposium (Session 2)

NANOS Annual Meeting #4, 1978
The Lodge at Tamarron, Tamarron, Colorado, United States of America
Date: 02-16-1978 (program dates are estimated for this year)

Day : Thursday, February 16, 1978 (02-16-1978) (program dates are estimated for this year)

Program: Various Subjects Symposium (Session 2)  back to top
Moderators: not available

Presentation 1: The Visual Fields: Techniques and Analysis
Presenters: Joel S. Glaser
Authors: Joel S. Glaser

Presentation 2: Papilledema - Papilitis
Presenters: R. Joseph Cannon
Authors: R. Joseph Cannon

Presentation 3: Chiasmal Disorders
Presenters: Norman J. Schatz
Authors: Norman J. Schatz

Presentation 4: Visual Field Defects in Optic Tract Disease
Presenters: not available
Authors: not available

Presentation 5: VER in Neuro-Ophthalmology
Presenters: Thomas J. Carlow
Authors: Thomas J. Carlow

Presentation 6: Amaurosis Fugax
Presenters: Shirley H. Wray
Authors: Shirley H. Wray

Presentation 7: Vertigo
Presenters: Robert B. Daroff
Authors: Robert B. Daroff