Jacqueline Winterkorn, MD, PhD 1947-2015

Jacqueline Winterkorn

Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmlogy
Weill Cornell Medicine
1300 York Avenue
New York, NY 10065

Ph.D., Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, 1974
M.D., Cornell University Medical College, 1983
B.A., Barnard College

Jacqueline Winterkorn taught neuroanatomy at Cornell and subsequently practiced and taught neuro-ophthalmology. She practiced neuro-ophthalmology on Long Island and at Cornell for nearly 25 years, training numerous classes of neurology and ophthalmology residents, publishing dozens of papers in medical journals, and caring for thousands of patients with neurological deficits related to the visual system. She continued her teaching and clinical work until the day she died.

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