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Table of Contents

  1. Ocular and Neurologic Evaluation
    1. Ocular and neurologic examinations
      1. Ocular motility testing
        1. Vestibular Testing In Acute Vestibular Syndrome
          1. Head Impulse Nystagmus Test of Skew (H.I.N.T.S.)
          2. Penlight-cover Test
        2. Vestibular Testing in Positional Vestibular Syndrome
          1. Dix Hallpike Maneuver
          2. Supine Roll Test (Pagnini-McClure Maneuver)
        3. Vestibular Testing in Chronic Vestibular Syndrome
          1. VOR Cancellation
  2. Disorders of the Afferent and Efferent Visual Pathways
    1. Eye movement systems pathology
      1. Nuclear/Supranuclear palsies
        1. Skew deviation (lecture)
    2. Nystagmus and disorders of ocular stability
      1. Central vs peripheral nystagmus in Acute Vestibular Syndrome
        1. Central lesion with direction-changing nystagmus
        2. Peripheral lesion with direction-fixed nystagmus